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  • 18-Ways to Address Bullying from Safe to Aggressive Methods
  • Collaborative Parenting to Raise Resourceful, Responsible, and Resilient Kids
  • Navigating Education System and School Board Politics
  • Identifying and Understand School Officials Playbook and Cover Ups Practices
  • Transform obstacles into learning opportunities
  • Shift paradigms to achieve your purpose
  • Address bullying and abusive behaviors
  • Develop a strong self-image
  • Be a winner not a victim
  • ARC-IN your boundaries
  • Manage friendships and relationships
  • Develop a strong bond with your family
  • Empower your children with safe boundaries
  • Convert uncertainty to seeing with clarity
  • Find stability when faced with vulnerability
  • Collect and organize the case documents
  • Construct a comprehensive report
  • Assemble a team to address the case
  • Intake interview of the parties involved
  • Write letters on the clients behalf
  • Develop a strategic plan for the case
  • Consult on navigating the school system
  • Help mediate student and family issues
  • Research education codes and policies
  • Narrate the the case with proper positioning
  • Offer access to resources and expert content
Conflict is inevitable. Vulnerability is imminent. Uncertainty is certain.


The source of personal power springs from knowing how to transform obstacles into enlightening opportunities to achieve one’s purpose with best possible outcomes!   

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