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  • "Lea is an inspirational speaker who captivates the audience and engages us in meaningful conversations. I have the greatest time at her workshops and come home inspired. It's the highlight of my week!"

    Dr. Freeman 92024
  • As one who thirsts for learning and immersing myself with the most knowledge possible, I have attended many lectures and workshops on various topics. I attended a few of Lea’s workshops and was pleased with the difference in her workshop from others. The other workshops I joined tended to be very general based on the industry/topic. Lea’s workshops are personalize. Her presentation was based on the industry and topic with a laser focus on the company and the company’s team members. She did research to make sure that the information she presented was applicable to the team. She also does not just stand and lecture, instead she uses different activities to keep the group engaged and participating in the learning process. I highly recommend attending one of Lea's workshops.

    Ms. Reed, MS
  • "I attended many of Lea's workshops. All I can say is the workshops are phenomenal! You leave the workshop thinking of how you are going plan to implement the techniques that you have learned. I would highly recommend Lea's workshops to anyone that wants to have a positive impact on their life and their future. "

    Mrs. Barbara Macias Entrepenuer
  • "Lea Wolf-Soffer provided a dynamic and interactive workshop for our staff. She created an environment that staff felt comfortable sharing, opening up and learning. Lea provided staff with real life examples and kept staff engaged in the process throughout the workshop. She simplified new techniques on how to communicate effectively and provided insight for staff to become self-reflective to how others might perceive them. Our staff enjoyed and benefited from the interactive activities and guidance Lea provided."

    -Ashley Pfohl, M.Ed Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County
  • I have been to many workshops and conferences of many types through my life. I can sincerely say that Lea is an amazing presenter and motivational speaker. She brings interesting and controversial subjects for discussion that touches every person in a unique way and keep you thinking afterwards. All her workshops are motivational as well as extremely well presented with facts and debatable thoughts. I highly recommend her as a motivational speaker and a lead of any discussion and conference. I personally never miss her highly interesting and though provoking events.

    Ms. Algazi Teacher
  • "Dear Ms. Wolf-Soffer, I am grateful to have had you as a guest speaker at CAPSLO San Diego County Pre-Service. I was able to relate too many of the things you mentioned in your presentation. It is very true it is not always what you say but how you say it makes a difference. We often need to be reminded we all have different learning styles and sometimes what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for the other. I will do my best to practice the LEADERS method so that I can try being the best person that I can be in the workplace. Look forward to having you back with us again. "

    Linda Lopez Community Action Partnership
  • "Dear Lea, You're my Hero! Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We are forever grateful!  We were horrified when the school classified our son as a 'terrorist threat.'  Not only did you go out of your way to help us, we could not done this without your knowledge and expertise.  You are one of a kind! EKG, Expulsion Case 92122

    -Parents EKG, San Diego 92122 Revoke Expulsion Case 48900, San Diego Parents
  • "Hi Lea, Happy Thanksgiving!! I regret not writing you earlier to share with you, especially given my strong feelings… I am so impressed by you, the solid principles you live by, and your willingness/generosity to share the wealth of your knowledge and experience with others. I feel like in just 2 weeks i am already starting to think and act differently. I am so grateful for you….taking the time to coach me (I know how busy your life is and even more so now with Sabrina being home AND celebrating her birthday and book launch) and invest in me and believe in me. It really feels fulfilling for me to work with you. Your guidance and support really means so much to me; it’s one of the best gifts I could ever wish for- to get to know myself better, be more productive, realize my power and have even better relationships. I deeply appreciate you and your friendship. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! ER, Female, Mom, 92067  

    ER 92067 The Power of ONE, ARC
  • "I just wanted to say thank you so much for absolutely everything - from taking me onto your team even though I didn’t have experience to being a safe space for me to vent or talk out how I was feeling. You provided me with comfort, knowledge, guidance, and a mother figure in San Diego. I truly cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me and everyone around you. You are such a bright light in not only my life but everyone else you encounter as well. You are like a North Star for people - providing a beacon of light to help others navigate uncertainty."

    NB, Student, 92101

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