The 5-RIGHTS™ Tool: To forge ahead confidently

The 5-RIGHTS Tool, extracted from the SELF-Ex Guide, helps you to formulate an action plan with the right elements!

The Purpose

The 5-RIGHT™-Elements tool is extracted from The SELF-Ex™ Guide, an awardee of USC’s Educational Solutions Exchange in 2021. The SELF-Ex Method guides participants to address adverse situations responsibly and confidently, focused on purpose.      


To be an effective and successful solution, 5-RIGHT-Elements need to be addressed:  The Right Reasons, The Right Individual, The Right Message, The Right Way, and The Right Time. 

This tool guides you to formulate a plan to resolve adverse situations and practice role playing your communications skills.    


If you’re interested in learning more about this tool, we cover it in our “Forge Ahead Confidently” Workshop! The “Forge Ahead Confidently” Workshop equips participants with the skills to formulate the RIGHT plan before taking any action.  


Master the 5-RIGHTS™ Tool to execute any solution! 

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