National Child Health Day

“Guide, Don’t Ground”, a core philosophy for my parenting style.

National Child Health Day occurred in the same week of Yom Kippur, the day of accountability and forgiveness.

As we celebrated both holidays, I reflected on how “Guide, Don’t Ground!” has been a core philosophy for my parenting style. It may seem unorthodox and unconventional, but it is a method proven to raise self-reliant and healthy children.

Punitive measures deteriorate children’s well-being, induce resentment, breach trust and confidence, and even create an unsafe environment at home or school.

“Guide, Don’t Ground!” is a technique that enables children to understand the problem caused by their words and actions, so they can come up with better solutions should it occur again.

Each problem encountered with children is a unique opportunity to see the world from their perspective and shape their identity with values and principles.

“Guide, Don’t Ground!” is a path to raising children so they are healthy – emotionally, mentally, and socially – to make the world a better place with empowered and happy children.

Love your child with guidance, patience, and compassion.

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